List of Medicines / Medical-Related Products

Generika's MEDPadala can be used to buy medicines and medical-related items at any Generika Drugstore branch in the Philippines. Below is an indicative list of the medicines carried by Generika which is organized by therapeutic class. Generika's medicines are very affordable. Being mostly generic, they usually allow very substantial savings versus their branded counterparts even though they have the same formula, dosage and efficacy. In addition to the medicines below, we also carry selected medical supplies and galenicals which can be purchased using MEDPadala.

Generic Medicine   Branded Medicine

Disclaimer: The availability of medicines can vary from one store to another. For product inquiries, you can call the particular store where your beneficiary would buy to check medicines availability or you may get in touch with our MEDPadala Help Desk through web chat or email, so that they can check for you. In case of substitution from branded to generics, the patient should first seek the professional advice of a licensed physician or pharmacist.

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