Terms & Conditions


Senior Citizen discount and other forms of discounts shall also be applicable for purchases made using MedPadala as mode of payment,   as required by law, provided however that the customers submits the necessary requirements to avail the senior citizen discount (proof of OSCA, booklet and valid prescription).


Medicines purchased using MedPadala can be returned like other medicines or items purchased in cash. However, the customer can only do a RETURN and EXCHANGE, in no case can he be refunded for his purchase. Also, the customer can only buy alternative medicines as exchange, not consumer items, to remain consistent to the purpose of MedPadala, which is to send money to your loved ones for the purchase of medicines. If the customer wants to return medicines purchased using MedPadala, he should buy other medicines for an amount at least equal, so that he doesn’t lose the difference.


Safe keeping of the MedPadala code and its Security PIN shall be your full responsibility. Forwarding the code and security PIN to your beneficiary so that he can use it is also your responsibility. What your beneficiary does subsequently with MedPadala is also your responsibility. He should make sure that the never discloses the PIN to others so that they won’t use it and deplete the balance.    Lost MedPadala code and/or PIN shall be replaced only upon presentation of valid proof of purchase or official receipt. If official receipt is lost, you will be asked some probing questions. If proven that you are indeed the legitimate owner of the code and it has not been redeemed, the code will be shared to you again.


When the MEDPadala buyer lost or accidentally deleted the SMS containing the MEDPadala EGC, there is a way to retrieve the PIN online provided that the EGC has been enrolled at www.medpadala.com.ph. To enroll the MEDPadala EGC online, click here.


1. Buyer must log on to www.medpadala.com.ph.
2. Click the RESEND PIN button at the My MEDPadala menu.
3. Enter MEDPadala Code (for online buyers, this can be found in the purchase history)
4. MEDPadala Code and PIN will be resent to mobile phone
5. Please note that the system will only allow the resending of PIN up to three (3) times


The Security PIN of MedPadala is a 4 digit number assigned upon purchase.

From MedPadala website (www.medpadala.com.ph), you can change the security PIN of your MedPadala. Just enter by declaring the Code and its present PIN and proceed to the CHANGE PIN menu.

Changing the Security PIN can be useful or recommended in two situations:

1) if Buyer prefers to have a  PIN that is easier to remember or more familiar with
2) if Buyer has accidentally forwarded the MedPadala code and PIN to the wrong person


The MedPadala is not convertible to cash and has no expiration.


For queries or concerns regarding MedPadala, visit your nearest Generika Drugstore or email the MedPadala’s Help Desk at Email:  e-comappsupport@generika.com.ph

Erikagen Inc., the owner of Generika Drugstore trademark, reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice anytime it deemed necessary.