What is MEDPadala?

It is an ‘Electronic Gift Check’, developed by Generika Drugstore which one can send to anyone (i.e. relatives in the provinces or loved ones anywhere in the Philippines) and can be redeemed by the recipient to purchase medicines in any Generika Drugstore branches.

What is the security feature of a MEDPadala?

The security feature of the MEDPadala is the security PIN which is necessary for every transaction. Remember : Your beneficiary will share to the store personnel the MEDPadala Code but he should never divulge the security PIN and enter it himself when he wants to use his MEDPadala at the Generika store. All Generika stores have a special keyboard where the customer can type his security PIN himself so that security is not compromised.

If I buy a MEDPadala, does it have an expiration date?

No, the MEDPadala has no expiration

Where can I buy MEDPadala?

You can buy the MEDPadala online on the website of Generika Drugstore at www.medpadala.com.ph (payment is made using VISA or MASTERCARD).

Or you can purchase it in any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide.

Do I pay a service fee when I buy MEDPadala online?

No, you do not pay any fee. To buy a MEDPadala of value P1,000 for example, you will spend P1,000, no more, no less.

However, when buying the MEDPadala using credit card, applicable credit card charges will apply.

What are the available denominations of the MEDPadala?

If you buy it online, you can buy the MEDPadala from a minimum of P500 to a maximum of P5,000. Amounts need to be multiple of 500.

If you buy it in a Generika store, the MEDPadala amounts range from P100 to P2500 and should be multiple of P100.

Do not worry to buy a higher amount, because MEDPadala can be used in multiple transactions by your beneficiary. For example, if you send your beneficiary a MEDPadala worth P1,500.00, he can consume it gradually in several purchases anytime he wants.

How does a MEDPadala work?

If you buy the MEDPadala online :  upon purchase, you will receive in the email address which you have registered an alpha numeric code  and a security PIN. You can now send this code and PIN to your intended recipient(s) via email or text message.

If you buy the MEDPadala in a Generika store: you will receive the same information (MEDPadala code and security PIN) on your cellphone and, optionally, to the email address which you have specified. You can now pass it on right away to your beneficiary so that he can use it at once.

What is the syntax of a MEDPadala Code and Security PIN ?

The MEDPadala Code comprises first the amount purchased, followed by a dash sign and a six digit alphanumeric code.  For example 1000-X14PG6 refers to a MEDPadala of value P1000

The Security PIN attached to the Code is a four digit number (ex : 3498) that is required for all transactions until the Code is fully consumed. Remember that your beneficiary must always keep it to himself, even when using the MEDPadala code at the store : if he would divulge the PIN, he exposes himself to the risk that someone may use the remaining balance of the MEDPadala.

When I buy one or more MEDPadala in a single transaction, do I receive a single code only?

No, each MEDPadala has its own unique code and security PIN. Normally, you should buy only one MEDPadala per beneficiary so that he doesn’t have to manage multiple codes and security pins simultaneously. If you foresee that your beneficiary will need to buy medicines in substantial amount over a certain period of time, you can send him a higher allowance (up to P5,000.00) knowing that he can consume it in multiple purchases anyway.

If the intended beneficiary of my MEDPadala is a senior citizen, can he still avail the senior citizen discount when he uses the MEDPadala to buy medicines at Generika?

Yes, your beneficiary will be able to enjoy the senior citizen discount when he buys at Generika using a MEDPadala  - similar to a cash purchase - provided that he complies with all requirements pertaining to the availment of the senior citizen discount (submission of a prescription, purchase booklet and OSCA ID).

Do I need to declare the name of the recipient when I buy MEDPadala?

No. MEDPadala does not require the buyer to declare the name of intended beneficiary. For greater flexibility, you can just pass the code to whoever you want, so that the recipient of the code can use it. Remember, whoever has the code and the security PIN of the MEDPadala can use it, provided that it has not been yet fully consumed.

I purchased a MEDPadala online – can I cancel it and be refunded?

If online buyer : Sorry, at present, all online purchases are considered final and we do not process voids or refunds.

If store buyer : We allow voiding of the MEDPadala but only if the following conditions are met: 1) The MEDPadala can only be voided and refunded the same or next day following the purchase. 2) Buyer must go back to the same store where he originally purchased the MEDPadala. 3) Buyer must present the Purchase Slip  and present an ID that should match with the name declared upon purchase. 4) The MEDPadala should be still intact (its balance is still complete).

What do I need to send to my beneficiary so that he can use the MEDPadala?

You just need to send him the MEDPadala code and the security PIN for immediate use.

Where can I redeem a MEDPadala sent to me?

You can redeem the MEDPadala in any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide.

Just show the MEDPadala Code to the Store Personnel.

Then, you (the beneficiary) must enter the PIN number using a special keyboard to finalize the transaction.

Remember this rule: You should not share your PIN to anyone, including  the store personnel of Generika because, if you do so, you expose yourself to the risk that this person could use the remaining balance of your MEDPadala.

Do I need to wait before I can redeem the MEDPadala?

Upon receipt of a MEDPadala code and security PIN sent to you, you can immediately redeem it in any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide.

What items can I buy with MEDPadala?

MEDPadala allows you to purchase all medicines, vitamins and food supplements, as well as medical supplies sold in Generika stores. However, it doesn’t allow the purchase of items classified by Generika as consumer goods (such as infant milk, diaper, water and beverages, lotions, etc). MEDPadala is intended for medicine purchases only.

Can I use my MEDPadala to buy medicines from other drugstores?

No. MEDPadala is valid only in all Generika Drugstores.

What if the medicines which I want to buy with the MEDPadala is/are less than the value of the MEDPadala? Will I be given a change?

Every MEDPadala purchase will be deducted from your MEDPadala balance until it is fully consumed. This means that you can consume your MEDPadala in separate transactions or multiple purchases.

What if the items which I want to purchase using MEDPadala are not available? What do I do?

You can ask the store if/when these items will be available and delay your purchase. Or you can buy alternative items using MEDPadala as a payment tender. It is all up to you. In any case, even if you don’t use your MEDPadala now, you can always use it later on, as long as it is not yet fully used, because it doesn’t expire.

Can I pay using a combination of MEDPadala and cash for the balance?

Yes, you can combine MEDPadala with cash or any other modes of payment.

Can I reload my MEDPadala when consumed?

Presently, this is not possible – You should buy a new MEDPadala or request a new one from the person who sent it to you. This new MEDPadala will have a new Code and Security PIN.

What if I accidentally sent the SMS with MP code and PIN to the wrong person and he might use it already?

You can do a Change PIN procedure from your cellphone (recommended if you are in the Philippines) or from the MEDPadala Website. For this, just login, chose the menu “Change PIN”  and enter the MEDPadala Code, PIN and new PIN.

What if my beneficiary wants to return the meds purchased using MEDPadala?

It is allowed for customer to return meds purchased with MEDPadala and exchange these with other meds for a value that is equivalent or higher (otherwise, he will lose the difference). The customer can only get medicines in return (not consumer goods). The customer can NEVER be refunded in cash for a purchase made using MEDPadala, since this would defeat the purpose of MEDPadala.

What if I lost the MEDPadala code or PIN given to me?

Buyer can check his email history to retrieve the MEDPadala details (code and PIN) that were emailed upon purchase.

If buyer can’t retrieve the email received upon purchase, buyer should contact help Desk for further investigation.

If security questions are answered correctly by the Buyer upon contacting the Help Desk, the MEDPadala Code and PIN may be shared to you again.

You can contact our Help Desk at the following numbers: 
Through email :  e-comappsupport@generika.com.ph

Buyer at the store level:
Present the Purchase Slip or transaction number to the store personnel.

If Purchase Slip is lost, you will be asked when and where you bought it. If you are in the same store where you bought it, the store personnel can try to retrieve the transaction of purchase and resend the MEDPadala Code and PIN to the same mobile number declared upon purchase.

If you are not in the same store, then the Store Personnel will suggest that you contact the MEDPadala Help Desk.

How do I contact the MEDPadala Help Desk?

You can contact our Help Desk at the following numbers:
Through email :  e-comappsupport@generika.com.ph